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Category(ies): ICT for Health Companies; Medtech Companies


Address: Rua Jorge de Sena, 1 E, escritório 6; 1750-129 Lisboa; Portugal

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Keyword(s): Chronic diseases, Health, Infection, Innovation, Medtech

VitalMobile is a unique Portuguese company offering exclusively Professional Telehealth and Patient Telemonitoring services through new, disruptive and scalable models of Health distribution. It's VitalMobile Platform is a Professional TeleHealth Solution, projected, developed internally and delivered in it’s first version in 2006 in full production every day, 24/7 in real time, fully mobile and wirelessly to maintain and monitor neuromuscular patients at home, some with life support ventilation, managed from the Hospital, or on the move. It's leadership started with the release of a fully developed and owned VitalMobile cloud platform based services that allowed a new way of health distribution, through new methods and technologies following the medical protocols. The VitalMobile Professional Telemonitoring Platform is the smart way to easily deliver health, anywhere, safely and now. VitalMobile has been delivering it’s services and solution in Portugal and through local partnerships.

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José Belo


+351 217 581 626


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