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Têxteis Penedo, S.A.

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Address: Rua da Liberdade, n.º 341, Mascotelos; 4835-132 Guimarães; Portugal

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Since 1975, Texteis Penedo stands out in the production of Jacquard Textiles Home, Hotel ware and Decor. The company promotes the I & D for new textile products, with a team of specialized technicians, dynamic and creative, within the textile industry. Texteis Penedo has a very restricted range of partners that ensures the high quality level of its Jacquard textile products for Home, Hotel ware and Decoration as well as Technical textiles. With modern facilities and high technology, has ISO 9001 quality certificate since 2000, resulting of a trustworthy accuracy and high quality, from the product design until delivery to the final consumer, dictating a very strong and recognized brand image. Texeis Penedo has certification on its own IDI management system, according to the standard IDI NP 4457: 2007, increasing the effectiveness of the company's performance, on regards to Research; Development and Innovation of Textiles. The company's mission is the "presentation of innovative solutions within the textile jacquard for home and hotel ware, which contributes to our customers’ projects, so they become a reality, creating custom made products, which stands out with remarkable personalized textiles" Texteis Penedo maintains a strong IDI activity, with involvement in various innovation projects with different partnership companies and technology centers such as Citeve and Centi, having an innovation office in CAR-IDT Citeve.

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