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PROHS - Equipamento Hospitalar e Serviços Associados, S.A.

Category(ies): Healthcare Providers; Others


Address: Rua do Castanhal, N.º 316, Zona Industrial Maia I Sector II, Apt 6019 - EC Outeiro; 4476-908 Maia; Portugal

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PROHS is a company specialized in planning, projecting, manufacturing and marketing sterilization centrals for the medical field, as well as manufacture other complementary stainless steel equipment in the area of health, founded in 1967 and recognized for the quality and rehabilitee of its products. Covering all the needs of a sterilization central, PROHS stands out for its ability to design, plan and produce sterilization centrals adapted to the needs and requirements of each project, focused on innovation, quality and safety. In addition the company handles the technical assistance which is distinguished by the high technician’s specialization and quickness of response, covering all medical devices within the sterilization central. The constant investment in R&D and the partnerships with developing departments of some leading universities in Portugal, allows PROHS to offer innovative solutions in the area of sterilization, design, construction and production processes, becoming a reference in the field of disinfection and sterilization. The beginning of the XXI century brought the challenge of internationalization, which have been received with enthusiasm and responsibility. Nowadays, PROHS is present in five continents.

Contact person

José Guedes


+351 229 059 170

+351 964 647 953

+351 229 015 900