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INOVA+ – Serviços de Consultadoria em Inovação Tecnológica, S.A.

Category(ies): Business Service Providers, Business Developers, or Investors; ICT for Health Companies


Address: Rua Dr. Afonso Cordeiro, 567; 4450-309 Matosinhos; Portugal

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Keyword(s): Business consulting, Information technologies, R&D consultancy, Research & Development

INOVA+ SA created in December 1997, is the leading innovation consultancy company in Portugal. With its headquarters in Porto, and branch offices in Lisbon and Brussels, INOVA+ is connected to the biggest European private network of innovation services, with associates in Rome, Luxembourg, Prague, Boston, Warsaw and Heidelberg. INOVA+ carries out R&D activities in different application areas in the health domain (Medical applications, Assistive Technology and Solutions to Support Health) covering a wide range of technical and scientific fields. INOVA+ is a key partner in applied research and technological validation in R&D projects (Horizon 2020, Portugal 2020, among other programs), with ability to develop technological solutions tailored to each organisation. With technical and scientific expertise and proven RDI practices, INOVA+ provides quality support to other organisations in the planning and implementation of R&D projects as well as in the development of tailor-made applications.

Contact person

Gil Gonçalves

Chief Scientific Officer

+351 939 7130