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Exatronic – Engenharia Electrónica, Lda.

Category(ies): Contract Manufacturing Organisations; Medtech Companies; R&D Institutions


Address: Stadium Park, Pavilhão i. Zona Industrial de Taboeira; 3800-373 Aveiro; Portugal

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Keyword(s): Ageing, Engineering, Medical Device, Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, R&D consultancy

Exatronic, a simple idea and a simple concept. Having as starting point a simple idea or concept, Exatronic carry out the technical viability analysis, build the whole R&D process, manufacture the solution and finish by delivering of the new product with electronics. Exatronic combines fine skills in order to vertically conduct research and technological development processes, create tailor-made products for various industries and markets, with particular focus on the Electronics & Automation, Automotive Electronics and Medical Devices. Exatronic services offer is so embracing as necessary, integrating product specification, electronic engineering, software, mechanical and manufacturing of products with electronics, ensuring to customers the best protection of their assets - ideas and opportunities for developing new products, services and business - qualifying ourselves since the beginning for the R&D tasks covering electronics.

Contact person

Marina Bastos

Quality & Innovation Manager

+351 234 315 500