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Category(ies): Business Service Providers, Business Developers, or Investors; Medtech Companies; Others


Address: Rua Oliveira Monteiro 649; 4050-445 Porto; Portugal

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Keyword(s): Health, Innovation, Medical Device, Medtech, Research & Development

Adapttech develops new smart technologies to support clinicians in delivering the best care for people with mobility limitations. The company vision is to become the recognized, global leader in the O&P market for capturing amputee socket and activity data in order to improve the life of lower limb amputees. Adapttech believes that people shouldn't be limited by a disability, nor dedicate their time to merely coping with it. Through innovative technology Adapttech contributes to a faster and more comfortable recovery, and in turn, improves the everyday life of the users. The Adapttech team is made up of engineers, developers and designers working closely together to improve the quality of life for people with physical limitations.

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Frederico Carpinteiro